What to Do When Hiring a DJ For A Mitzvah

If you are planning an event such as a bat or bar mitzvah, wedding, etc., you may decide to hire a DJ for the event, like many other people. The effect of hiring entertainment for your event can be electric, and whatever you are planning will take on a whole level of...

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Great Cake Ideas for Everyone: Best Mitzvahs

Are you looking for some great cake ideas or do you want to learn how to make a cake from scratch from home? Perhaps you are looking for easy cake recipes. Well, don't worry because making a cake is really, no pun intended, a piece of cake. Or rather several pieces of...

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Your Guide to the Best Bar Mitzvah Party Favors

Let’s face it – planning a Bar Mitzvah isn’t exactly a walk in the park. You want everything to be just right for the important day. There are a lot of factors that need to be just right for an enjoyable and smooth party. In addition to more obvious factors like the...

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Food Planning for Your Bar Mitzvah

With the increasing prevalence of food trends, there are more bar mitzvah food options than ever before. Whether you want to stick with traditional food, or you want to try out new trends, there are many ways to create the perfect menu. Some of the current bar mitzvah...

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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Pictures and Party Entertainment Ideas

  PHOTO PARTY ENTERTAINMENT IDEAS Bar/Bat mitzvah pictures and photo stations one of the most popular forms of entertainment vendor for the kids Typically, at a bar or bat mitzvah, there is some type of entertainment or vendor the kids. A photo-type of vendor appeals...

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Bar And Bat Mitzvah Invitation Wording 101

Perfecting Bar and Bat Mitzvah Invitation Wording Getting bar/bat mitzvah invitation wording  can be confusing and leaving information out may cause you to have to scramble and email family, parents, and kids. It also can be difficult because you need to communicate a...

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Creative Food Ideas For Your Bar and Bat Mitzvah

The food is an important part of planning a bar or bat mitzvah, and it’s also a great opportunity to stand out and personalize the event. Below are some unique food ideas to get your creative juices flowing. START WITH YOUR CHILD This event is about the bar and bat...

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Bar Mitzvah Favors And Giveaway Ideas

It’s always nice to send your guests off with a memento of the evening! Whether they be something for fun, something useful, or just a little goofy keepsake to remember the evening by. Below are some unique ideas you may not have considered.   SOCKS Ladies of all ages...

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Planning Your Bat/Bar Mitzvah Candle Lighting Ceremony

A bar mitzvah candle lighting ceremony is a tradition that has been around for decades at bar and bat mitzvahs. It’s a way to honor family and friends that have influenced the upbringing of the bar or bat mitzvah child. It makes for a great photo moment, too! HOW MANY...

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A Bar Mitzvah Gift For The Bar Mitzvah Boy

  Getting The Right Bar Mitzvah Gift To Fit The Boy The idea of bar mitzvah gift giving is a very daunting task in the realm of a life achievement.  Some people feel pressure to get the right gift, wondering how much money to spend and what is appropriate.  People...

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Setting The Expectations At A Bar Bat Mitzvah

What To Expect At A Bar or Bat Mitzvah So you got invited to a bar or bat mitzvah, but maybe you aren’t Jewish or you have never been to one before. Here is what you can expect! Before the party: Check with the host on the dress code and if there are any rules at the...

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