A Bar Mitzvah Gift For The Bar Mitzvah Boy

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Getting The Right Bar Mitzvah Gift To Fit The Boy

The idea of bar mitzvah gift giving is a very daunting task in the realm of a life achievement.  Some people feel pressure to get the right gift, wondering how much money to spend and what is appropriate.  People agonize over the gift-selecting process so much so that if you are not aware of the customary gifts, you have trouble asking, because who can you ask?  You can reach out to friends of the family, but what if they are not invited?  You can ask at the local temple, but who?  You can ask the family, however that may be a bit uncomfortable.  So here we are – the information you are asking for.  If you are or have been a Bar Mitzvah boy you know that this is the time in your life when people are making comments like “ You are a man now” or “How does it feel to be an adult” or “Your Bar Mitzvah has made you a man”.  As the gift giver, how will you give a gift that is perfect for such an accomplishment?
Defining the action, each Bar Mitzvah boy becomes a man by learning Torah and Tikun Olam – They are inspired by words of heritage and tradition to take a role in fixing the world, so give them the tools.  What does it take to Tikun Olam – “Heal the World”.   Some would say that the best gift is money, but how much.  Some might say jewelry but what kind?  Some might offer a charitable donation as a great gift, but to what charity.  We have the answers for you if we think of gift giving in this sense the ideas are endless.
Most appropriate bar mitzvah gifts and the why.  A bar mitzvah gift of money is a powerful tool in healing the world not just the bar mitzvah gift amount, but the way in which a bar mitzvah boy understands the meaning behind it.  Traditionally, the bar mitzvah gift amount is in an increment of $18 symbolic of  “chai” or life.  A gift of money is always the entry point to empower their journey.  So now we know the gift how can we determine the appropriate amount?   Easy, start with the recognition of the family association, the closer you are with the family or the relation you are to the bar mitzvah boy is a large determination.  Other ways, in years past, it was said you cover what the family has spent to entertain you for the evening.  Now -a -days, we are invited as families or as just peer groups.  If you are celebrating as a family with the bar mitzvah boy then that gift needs to be greater than if you are just sending a representative of the family or if only your child was invited.  A minimum gift for children to children would be $36.  Each family is different in how they determine the amount you can always choose “four life” – $72

The High Life $180 or Anything In Between In The 18’s.

Another way to give the gift of money would be to give the gift in a bond form.  There are many bond options through the Mazel tov bonds orJewish holiday, Holiday symbol passover matzo with kiddush cup of wine on wooden table Israel Bonds.  Supporting Israel can show the bar Mitzvah boy how to support his Jewish traditions.  Supporting the community can be part of your card message as well.
Gifts rooted in Jewish traditions, every bar mitzvah boy is expected to carry on the traditions in our Torah, Make the Sabbath, Shabbat candlesticks, Kiddush cup, and Challah cover \ plate would create the values of our weekly traditions.  You can also give the gift of a mezuzah – to watch over the coming and going through life and all the doorways of the bar Mitzvah boy’s journey.
Books, Art, and Symbols make wonderful items to consult for the journey of the Bar Mitzvah boy.  Books of life, Israel, Art etc. are all great options to choose from.  Everyone needs to learn, books on life lessons, “The Jewish book of Why” is a great life lesson series.  Books on the history of Israel.  If you know a bit about them perhaps the “Great Jews in Sports”.

Gifts Of Charity Can Ground The Boy In Humility And Grace

Gifts of Charity  – There are many Bar Mitzvah boys who dedicate a portion of their gifts to a charity.  Making a contribution is also a beautiful gift idea.  Choosing the “mitzvah project” as it is called is a very important task that the family will let their guests know about in the invitation process.  Making a contribution as a bar mitzvah gift is an incredible effort towards assisting the Bar mitzvah boy achieves his goals.
Then, of course, there is the creative gift.   Spending time with the Bar mitzvah boy can lead you to know some of the great gift ideas that will make him feel really special.  Perhaps if there is a favorite food that you share the recipe and all the ingredients, for example, a recipe for matzah ball soup and all the secret ingredients in a large basket.  Jewelry, many times an initial ring is given to the bar mitzvah boy, perhaps a star of David necklace, a nice watch, all are appropriate gifts for the event.
We hope that these have offered you some great ideas for giving an appropriate gift for the Bar Mitzvah boy.

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