What Are Female Bar Mitzvahs Called? 

What Are Female Bar Mitzvahs Called? 

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When a Jewish girl turns 12, it is expected that she follows all the traditions and obligations of the commandments of the Torah. Turning 12 is a large milestone in the Jewish community for a girl. 

In the eyes of the Jewish community, when a girl turns 12 they are now considered an adult. When a boy turns 13 he becomes Bar Mitzvah. Is it a Bar Mitzvah for a 12-year-old girl too? 

When a Jewish girl turns 12, she is a Bat Mitzvah. Bar in the Jewish language means son and Bat means daughter. Therefore, girls have Bat Mitzvahs instead of Bar Mitzvahs. 

While many believe that the term Bat Mitzvah is the term for the celebration, it’s actually just the term for a girl becoming an adult. Even if there is no celebration, a 12-year-old girl will still be Bat Mitzvah. 

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How Do You Celebrate And What Can You Expect At A Bat Mitzvah? 

In recent years, Bat Mitzvahs have become widely celebrated. They are either celebrated in-home with just a few close friends or you can throw a large, wedding-style party. 

Is there any proper way to celebrate a Bat Mitzvah? 

There is no wrong or right way to celebrate a Bat Mitzvah. As long as the key religious aspects are followed, you can celebrate as grandeur or simply as you would like. You can choose to share this religious moment with just a few family and friends or share it with the community. 

Prior to the celebration, the young girl will have been spending time preparing. She has been learning what all the different mitzvahs are that she has to follow. 

She will most likely have taken on a mitzvah project to present during the ceremony. You can also expect that the young lady will give a Bat Mitzvah speech. 

She will either choose a thought from the Torah or choose an important woman from Jewish history to speak about. The speech is also a time for her to thank family and friends for helping her reach this point. 

What Do You Give A Girl As A Gift For A Bat Mitzvah? 

When you give gifts, it should always be a goal to give something that they will remember. When you look back on any celebration, you remember the experience and occasionally will remember a gift you received. 

The gift may not have necessarily been huge or expensive, but something meaningful to you. The goal with gift-giving is to give a gift so great they’ll remember after many years have passed.

The same goal for gift-giving should apply when you are invited to a Bat Mitzvah. This is a big celebration and a huge moment in a Jewish girl’s life. The gift that you give will be associated with this day forever…no pressure.

Here are some gift ideas that you can use when choosing a memorable gift to give at a Bat Mitzvah. 

Bat Mitzvah Jewelry 

Every girl will typically enjoy receiving jewelry for her birthday. You can combine Jewish tradition with jewelry. 

You can get the birthday girl a tree of life necklace. The tree of life symbolizes maturity, responsibility, and spiritual elevation. The perfect gift to give a girl who is “coming of age.” 

You can also give jewelry that has the Star of David on it. Whether it be earrings, bracelets, or necklaces, you can give a very meaningful and memorable gift. 

Kiddush Cups

The purpose of a Bat Mitzvah is to recognize that a young girl is coming of age and is able to fulfill commandments. You can help her keep some of these commandments with your gifts.  

You can get a Kiddush cup to help keep following traditions. Every time she participates in Kiddush, she will think of you.  

Shabbat Candlesticks And Candle Holders

In order to follow the tradition of Kiddush, she needs to first welcome the Sabbath. This is done by lighting candles and receiving the blessing. 

You can give her the gift of Shabbat candles and candlesticks. When she lights her candles to welcome the Sabbath, she will remember that you are the one who gave her this gift. 

Challah Board

This board is more than just a decorative serving board. This board is part of the ceremony of Kiddush and Shabbat. 

Your Challah board that you give her may end up being passed down from generation to generation. 


Everyone enjoys getting cash for any event. One way to make your gift of money memorable is by giving in increments of $18. 

In Jewish culture, the number 18 is a symbol for “Chai” which means life. 

What Should A Girl Wear To A Bat Mitzvah? 

Bat Mitzvahs are more of a formal celebration than just a party to attend. Sure there may be dancing and other fun party aspects afterwards, but it is still a religious celebration. 

Modesty is a huge part of the Jewish culture. Whether you are the birthday girl or an invited guest, what is appropriate for a girl/lady to wear at a Bat Mitzvah?

All women should make sure that their shoulders are covered and that they wear a hat or lace head covering to a Bat Mitzvah. It is especially important to make sure that your head is covered if you are married.

A woman’s skirt or dress must come below the knees and shoulders must be covered. 

A young girl attending a Bat Mitzvah should have a knee-length skirt or dress on and her shoulders should be covered. 

Only the birthday girl becoming Bat Mitzvah wears a head covering or yarmulke and tallit. 

How Old Does A Girl Have To Be For A Bat Mitzvah? 

A Bat Mitzvah is the time where a Jewish young person is coming of age. For Spanish cultures, this would be celebrated at the age of 15. In America, it is recognized either at a sweet 16 or on their 18th birthday. 

How old does a girl have to be in order to be considered Bat Mitzvah? 

A Jewish girl must be 12 in order to be Bat Mitzvah. A Bat Mitzvah is to celebrate a beginning, the beginning of her journey into adulthood. 

Final Thoughts

A Jewish girl’s coming of age is called a Bat Mitzvah. She reaches this state in her life at the age of 12. It can be celebrated with a party, but the main focus is learning all the mitzvot that she is now responsible to follow. 

You can help her follow her mitzvot by giving her a meaningful and memorable gift that will allow her to follow these commandments. 

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